The statement ‘First impressions last’ cannot be understated, many failures and successes depend on that split second when the first impression is formed and usually, there is no second chance to rectify a bad impression.

First impressions!

First impressions!

What is it that gives the other person or the public the kind of first impression about anyone or anything? Usually, it is whatever immediately catches the senses. So, it could be the first taste, smell, texture, appearance or sound.

First impression is so important that it is not surprising to know that some people invest time, effort and money just to learn how to make a good impression in their personal and /or business endeavors.

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Modular reception counters designed for bespoke projects.


In a business, it is the office reception area that gives a first impression about the company. The reception area is the first part of an office that visitors see; hence investing in quality reception furniture is a good business decision.

A good set of reception furniture would cost more than a mediocre one, but the investment is worth it if one considers the following:

Cheap and ugly reception furniture may turn off discriminating clients and they may ask themselves, “Am I in the right place?” Business owners /managers should bear in mind that the choosy and discriminating clients are those who can afford to pay.

Cheap furniture items are usually not well designed for comfort. The users feel tired or uncomfortable before the working day ends. Poor design also results in inefficiency because it is more likely that the equipment at the reception desk are not located within easy reach of the receptionist.

Good reception furniture gives an impression that the business owner/manager has the financial means to support their good taste. Another impression would be that the business is doing well financially.

Suppliers and service providers would want to do business with a business which has the capability to pay their goods and services. A good set of reception furniture would help give the business a positive image financially.

Working with a good set of reception furniture would give the receptionist a sense of pride and consequently, would do his or her job well. The other employees would also be proud that they are part of an impressive company.

A first impression is not always entirely true; the reception area is not truly enough to judge a business. Though in many cases, the impression of the reception area can be the basis whether the client would likely go further in negotiating with the business.

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